Watt Test’s Solar Knowledge

Our mini-series with Dr. Inverter

Why not take a short break to learn more about your solar system with Dr. Inverter’s educating and amusing look at some of the facts and problems associated with solar inverters.

Now for all the people out there in “solar-land” wondering if Dr. Inverter is actually for real, then the answer is “yes” he’s actually one of Watt Test’s Inverter Technicians!

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Episode 1 – How much do you actually know about your solar system

What We Do


Trusted & Approved Testing Facility

Watt Test located in Queensland Australia can test your products with our specialist equipment to test inverters and other equipment to AS Standards.


Fully equipped service centre for all your servicing needs

Watt Test offers clients a fully equipped service centre to cope with all your servicing needs on all brands and sizes of inverters.



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Repairs by our fully qualified service technicians

All solar inverter repairs are undertaken by our fully qualified service technicians ensuring quality of workmanship to AS Standards.



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Less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week

Australia’s Only Premium Warranty Package

tcp_handshake_home_smallMake sure your solar power stays connected with our No Quibble, You’re Covered Solar Guarantee

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Service Control Panel

Real Time fault logging and repair updates

scp_tcp_iconsLog your repair online with a 48 hour repair/replacement guarantee. Track your repairs and view test results in real time.

Introducing the Service Control Panel (SCP)

Watt Test’s online platform known as SCP (Service Centre Platform) provides a powerful monitoring and data reporting facility for Manufacturers to view the status of their inverter repairs.

Real Time – Online Data tracking

SCP collects and records all information throughout the process and allows your technicians to view all data concerning any failure of electronic components inside the inverter.

Register now for the Total Care Promise

You can register your inverter for our famous No Quibble, You’re Covered Inverter guarantee by clicking here and filling out the quick registration form.


Fully qualified and experienced in house technicians

Our technicians have many years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of inverter and renewable energy equipment, servicing and testing to Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZS) Standards such as AS5033 and AS4777 and International Standards (IEC) IEC 62019.1 and IEC 62019.2.

Our Team are Experts

Our team of dedicated professionals and Electrical Engineers ensure their experience meets all your needs in the highest professional manner. From collection to service repair and re-installation, our promise is to exemplify superior service through every action and interaction.